Roast Corn on the bonfire

The Corn Roast…. Over the Bonfire

When I was a child it felt like the school year would never end. Days seemed to drag on and sometime the only thing that kept me going in school was the thought of our vacation at our beachfront rental in San Diego, right on the boardwalk in Mission Beach and sometimes in Pacific Beach. One of the special events dad would plan every year was called the corn roast. As a kid this was awesome to look forward to.

Dear Old Dad…. 
Dad would secure a beach fire pit right in front of our Mission Beach rental in the morning. We would play in the sand and on the Mission Beach boardwalk during the day and at about 5pm dad would light the bonfire and all the kids would help stack the wood in the fire pit with him. We would have a big ceremony surrounding the lighting of the bonfire on the night of the corn roast, dad and mom were always very excited and happy on this day. Dad would let the beach fire burn until there was nothing but coals burning then roast the corn in the fire pit. People from Mission Beach and Pacific Beach walking along the boardwalk would all stop by and dad was happy to hand them an ear of corn to eat. It was a great time and supplied me with a great childhood memory that will never be forgotten.

The City Removes The Fire Pits….
Today all the fire rings are gone from the beach. To fill the missing needs of those many people that vacation on the beachfront. We started to provide fire pit rentals that allow you to create special memories of your own. We supply the fire pit and wood to allow you to have a bonfire on the beach like we could when I was a kid. We also supply extras like chairs, tiki torches, and all the fixings for S’mores.

See a quick video of a guy showing you the process of roasting corn on the bonfire!

Create your own special memories with no hassle of having to clean up when you finish.

Our goal is to help you create special family memories!