San Diego Beach Fire Tradition

Our fire pit rental service is filling the need left when the city cutbacks removed pretty much all the fire pits from the beaches in San Diego in roughly 2010 and since then it has been tough to secure a place for a San Diego beach fire. Unless you were willing to show up at South Mission Beach or Pacific Beach by 6 am to hold your spot and save your fire pit, those of you in town at your beachfront rentals in San Diego were pretty much out of luck if you wanted to have a bonfire on the beach in San Diego. At the time the city said the beach fire pits were too expensive to maintain and clean up, so they removed mostly all the fire rings. There are no fire pits left in Mission Beach or Pacific Beach except for a couple of fire rings in the South Mission Beach area.

To allow those of you visiting San Diego Beaches the awesome tradition of having a fire on the San Diego beach we started Mission Beach Bonfires. Our fire pit rental service delivers, bonfire pits complete with enough wood to last for 3 hours, chairs, tiki torches, and even the fixings for s’mores leaving you nothing to do except show up, light the fire and enjoy a beautiful San Diego beach sunset and the fire shortly after the sun sets.

I am a native of San Diego and some of the best memories from my childhood include when our entire family would gather around the beach fire, talk, roast marshmallows and make s’mores. Back in those days we used to use the metal coat hangers to roast the marshmallows and I am sure it drove my mother crazy when she would look to her closet to hang something up only to find no hangers left for her clothes.

Carry on a tradition or start a new one by giving us a call to set up the perfect evening completed with an amazing bonfire on Mission Beach or Pacific Beach.

S’mores Recipe

Author: Michael

We are two beach lovers who can’t get enough of the ocean and all it has to offer! Michael is a native who grew up spending summers at Mission Beach with his family back when the city had fire pits here and Kim, growing up with summers on a lake, is a transplant after a lifetime of dreaming to live by the beach. We are excited to bring this memorable experience of family and laughter around a fire pit to a new generation!

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