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Romantic Bonfire

Romantic bonfire at Mission Beach…

Seventeen months ago, I met the love of my life.  He has taken me to places and we have done things I had never done before in all my 50 years.  One of the most memorable days early in our relationship, he took me to Mission Beach where we rode bikes on the boardwalk, took a long walk along the beach, ate Rubicon sandwiches on our beach towels while soaking up the sun and walked along the pier where the Cottages are. Overall, it is one of the most cherished days of my life.  This location has become very special to us and is one of our favorite places to come and hang out together. That first night at Mission beach we shared a romantic bonfire.


Creating and sharing new memories…

We now rent a house in Mission Beach for several weeks each summer and have an open-door policy to our families (7 kids total!) and friends.  Beach bonfires rentals allow us to have bonfires on the beach and have become an important part of that experience and we light one almost every night of our stay on the boardwalk.  The joy of having our kids surrounding us, hearing their laughter, their own childhood memories and playing games, all create a warmth within me that is indescribable.  This quintessential summertime-at-the-beach experience led us to start our own bonfire business to bring joy to other families at Mission Beach.  It has been such an amazing ride to watch people brighten as we bring out the goodies for s’mores, light the fire and tiki torches and see them relax and settle in for an evening of song, stories, laughter and chocolatey marshmallow delights.  It is not even fair to call this business work—we get to spend time at the beach, watch the sun set, bring joy to others and provide an unforgettable experience to many.

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Author: Michael

We are two beach lovers who can’t get enough of the ocean and all it has to offer! Michael is a native who grew up spending summers at Mission Beach with his family back when the city had fire pits here and Kim, growing up with summers on a lake, is a transplant after a lifetime of dreaming to live by the beach. We are excited to bring this memorable experience of family and laughter around a fire pit to a new generation!

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