Bonfire On The Beach


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We offer Fire Pit Rentals so you can have a San Diego Beach Fire tonight! If you are staying at a beachfront rental in San Diego. We bring the beach fire pit out to Mission Beach or Pacific Beach set up a bonfire on the beach for you. All set up and ready to go, and when you finish we come back and clean everything up for you. Order your beach fire pit tonight!

There are a few keys to making the perfect S’mores at your beach fire. We provide everything you need to get started including the fire pit rental with enough wood for a perfect beach fire. We provide all the fixings for your S’mores as well. Once you light your bonfire on the beach you will want to first take your graham cracker and break it in half and set it aside. Place a marshmallow on the provided stick and either gently allow it to heat up over the bonfire OR stick it right in and allow it to catch fire then blow it out. This depends on your taste. Some like their marshmallows crispy and burnt a little and others like them warmed and lightly browned. Next place a piece of chocolate on the graham, take the hot marshmallow and place it on top of the chocolate. Take the top half of the graham and squeeze it down to allow you to pull the stick out of the marshmallow. The heat from the marshmallow melts the chocolate and you have a hot, tasty, chocolatey smore!


Author: Michael

We are two beach lovers who can’t get enough of the ocean and all it has to offer! Michael is a native who grew up spending summers at Mission Beach with his family back when the city had fire pits here and Kim, growing up with summers on a lake, is a transplant after a lifetime of dreaming to live by the beach. We are excited to bring this memorable experience of family and laughter around a fire pit to a new generation!

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