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Romantic bonfire at Mission Beach…

Seventeen months ago, I met the love of my life.  He has taken me to places and we have done things I had never done before in all my 50 years.  One of the most memorable days early in our relationship, he took me to Mission Beach where we rode bikes on the boardwalk, took a long walk along the beach, ate Rubicon sandwiches on our beach towels while soaking up the sun and walked along the pier where the Cottages are. Overall, it is one of the most cherished days of my life.  This location has become very special to us and is one of our favorite places to come and hang out together. That first night at Mission beach we shared a romantic bonfire.


Creating and sharing new memories…

We now rent a house in Mission Beach for several weeks each summer and have an open-door policy to our families (7 kids total!) and friends.  Beach bonfires rentals allow us to have bonfires on the beach and have become an important part of that experience and we light one almost every night of our stay on the boardwalk.  The joy of having our kids surrounding us, hearing their laughter, their own childhood memories and playing games, all create a warmth within me that is indescribable.  This quintessential summertime-at-the-beach experience led us to start our own bonfire business to bring joy to other families at Mission Beach.  It has been such an amazing ride to watch people brighten as we bring out the goodies for s’mores, light the fire and tiki torches and see them relax and settle in for an evening of song, stories, laughter and chocolatey marshmallow delights.  It is not even fair to call this business work—we get to spend time at the beach, watch the sun set, bring joy to others and provide an unforgettable experience to many.

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Roast Corn on the bonfire

The Corn Roast…. Over the Bonfire

When I was a child it felt like the school year would never end. Days seemed to drag on and sometime the only thing that kept me going in school was the thought of our vacation at our beachfront rental in San Diego, right on the boardwalk in Mission Beach and sometimes in Pacific Beach. One of the special events dad would plan every year was called the corn roast. As a kid this was awesome to look forward to.

Dear Old Dad…. 
Dad would secure a beach fire pit right in front of our Mission Beach rental in the morning. We would play in the sand and on the Mission Beach boardwalk during the day and at about 5pm dad would light the bonfire and all the kids would help stack the wood in the fire pit with him. We would have a big ceremony surrounding the lighting of the bonfire on the night of the corn roast, dad and mom were always very excited and happy on this day. Dad would let the beach fire burn until there was nothing but coals burning then roast the corn in the fire pit. People from Mission Beach and Pacific Beach walking along the boardwalk would all stop by and dad was happy to hand them an ear of corn to eat. It was a great time and supplied me with a great childhood memory that will never be forgotten.

The City Removes The Fire Pits….
Today all the fire rings are gone from the beach. To fill the missing needs of those many people that vacation on the beachfront. We started MissionBeachBonfires.com to provide fire pit rentals that allow you to create special memories of your own. We supply the fire pit and wood to allow you to have a bonfire on the beach like we could when I was a kid. We also supply extras like chairs, tiki torches, and all the fixings for S’mores.

See a quick video of a guy showing you the process of roasting corn on the bonfire!

Create your own special memories with no hassle of having to clean up when you finish.

Our goal is to help you create special family memories!

San Diego Beach Fire Tradition

Our fire pit rental service is filling the need left when the city cutbacks removed pretty much all the fire pits from the beaches in San Diego in roughly 2010 and since then it has been tough to secure a place for a San Diego beach fire. Unless you were willing to show up at South Mission Beach or Pacific Beach by 6 am to hold your spot and save your fire pit, those of you in town at your beachfront rentals in San Diego were pretty much out of luck if you wanted to have a bonfire on the beach in San Diego. At the time the city said the beach fire pits were too expensive to maintain and clean up, so they removed mostly all the fire rings. There are no fire pits left in Mission Beach or Pacific Beach except for a couple of fire rings in the South Mission Beach area.

To allow those of you visiting San Diego Beaches the awesome tradition of having a fire on the San Diego beach we started Mission Beach Bonfires. Our fire pit rental service delivers, bonfire pits complete with enough wood to last for 3 hours, chairs, tiki torches, and even the fixings for s’mores leaving you nothing to do except show up, light the fire and enjoy a beautiful San Diego beach sunset and the fire shortly after the sun sets.

I am a native of San Diego and some of the best memories from my childhood include when our entire family would gather around the beach fire, talk, roast marshmallows and make s’mores. Back in those days we used to use the metal coat hangers to roast the marshmallows and I am sure it drove my mother crazy when she would look to her closet to hang something up only to find no hangers left for her clothes.

Carry on a tradition or start a new one by giving us a call to set up the perfect evening completed with an amazing bonfire on Mission Beach or Pacific Beach.

S’mores Recipe

Bonfire On The Beach


Call Today, Bonfire Tonight! 619-417-1954

We offer Fire Pit Rentals so you can have a San Diego Beach Fire tonight! If you are staying at a beachfront rental in San Diego. We bring the beach fire pit out to Mission Beach or Pacific Beach set up a bonfire on the beach for you. All set up and ready to go, and when you finish we come back and clean everything up for you. Order your beach fire pit tonight!

There are a few keys to making the perfect S’mores at your beach fire. We provide everything you need to get started including the fire pit rental with enough wood for a perfect beach fire. We provide all the fixings for your S’mores as well. Once you light your bonfire on the beach you will want to first take your graham cracker and break it in half and set it aside. Place a marshmallow on the provided stick and either gently allow it to heat up over the bonfire OR stick it right in and allow it to catch fire then blow it out. This depends on your taste. Some like their marshmallows crispy and burnt a little and others like them warmed and lightly browned. Next place a piece of chocolate on the graham, take the hot marshmallow and place it on top of the chocolate. Take the top half of the graham and squeeze it down to allow you to pull the stick out of the marshmallow. The heat from the marshmallow melts the chocolate and you have a hot, tasty, chocolatey smore!


Romantic Mission Beach Bonfire

There is nothing more special then taking your sweetheart out to experience a sunset and bonfire at Mission Beach or Pacific Beach. Our service offers you a chance to really surprise her with a San Diego Beach Fire, chairs, S’mores, and Tiki Torches all set up and ready for you to allow you to impress and enjoy a beautiful romantic evening on the beach with your love.

If you simply call us in advance, let us know where you are going to be we can set up your fire pit for you and have your bonfire ready to go. You light a match and enjoy your special evening.

MissionBeachBonfires.com provides quality romantic evenings for lover and friends.

Your sweetheart will love that you took the effort necessary to give her a romantic evening she will never forget.

Call today to reserve your beach bonfire.


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San Diego Beach Fires

Would you like a Beach Fire San Diego? We offer fire pit rentals in San Diego which allow you to enjoy a San Diego Beach Fire.

If you Call Today, We can set up your bonfire tonight – 619-417-1954

Tuck your toes in the sand, sit back and relax!

Let MissionBeachBonfires.com do the work of setting up your beach bonfire experience! You just enjoy Mission Beach, the sounds of the surf, the crackle of the fire and the taste of a perfectly roasted marshmallow melting chocolate in your mouth.

We Setup the fire pit on Mission Beach or Pacific Beach and take care of everything for you. We offer Fire Pit Rentals, Chairs, Tiki Torches, S’mores & more of everything you need to enjoy a bonfire on the beach.

All you do is kick back, enjoy the sunset on the Mission Beach Boardwalk and when the sun sets, light the match, and enjoy a beautiful beach fire on Mission Beach or Pacific Beach.

When you call us to book, we promise to answer your call or call you back within minutes to answer any questions you may have about putting together your perfect bonfire experience.

Customer satisfaction and your happiness are our priorities. We want to make your evening at the beach with your beach bonfire as memorable as ours were growing up with family, laughter, songs, and games.

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