Fire Pit Rentals

Call Today, Bonfire Tonight

Tuck your toes in the sand, let us set up your fire pit rental, sit back and relax!  Let us do the work of putting together your beach bonfire experience and clean it up, too!  You just enjoy the sounds of the surf, the crackle of the fire and the taste of a perfectly roasted marshmallow melting chocolate in your mouth.

We Setup, Clean Up and Take Care Of Everything For You

When you call us to book your fire pit rental, we promise to answer your call or call you back within minutes to answer any questions you may have about putting together your perfect bonfire experience.  Customer satisfaction and your happiness are our priorities.  We want to make your evening at the beach as memorable as ours were growing up:  family, laughter, songs, and games.


Customer Service is our top priority!

If you call us today by 2pm we will do everything in our power to make sure you have exactly what you need to enjoy your fire tonight!

If you happen to call and the call does not get answered, we promise to call you back within minutes to take care of you.

See our bonfire packages below

Our Bonfire Packages

Standard Beach Bonfire!

The Fire pit
Wood to burn for 3 hours


Pay Cash At Setup

Call us for Add Ons or Special Requests 619-417-1954


Tiki Torches

S'mores and all the fixings

We can accommodate most special requests including gluten free

If you have a special request, we can give you a quote for anything you need to make your evening more enjoyable.

Service and your enjoyment is our top priority!